Radio Mundo

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Latin –Jazz and Popsong Remixes

Dorothee Götz - Vocals, Percussion
Andrej Lebedev - Guitar, Tres cubano
Martin Romero - Percussion, Vocals
Wieland Braunschweiger - Bass, Percussion, Vocals

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perform their own arrangements of Latin Jazz from artists like T.Maria Javan, Chick Corea, I. Lins as well as arrangements of pop songs from Sting, Michael Jackson and others. Their own compositions and Son Cubano are also part of their repertoire.

These four artists mix elements of Latin Jazz and Funk boldly. With Radio Mundo classic pieces sound individual and innovative. Who would have thought that “Smooth Criminal” can be a Cha-Cha or “Ain`t Nobody” a Salsa? Do you know how it sounds when The Beatles are mixed with Bossa Nova …?

In short: all the classics, World music pepped with retro, sprinkled with pop remixes with a Latin touch and concertante Latin Jazz songs – all that in our own complex virtuous arrangements.