Andrej Lebedev

Andrej Lebedev Andrej Lebedev Andrej Lebedev Andrej Lebedev Andrej Lebedev

Andre Lebedev was educated in the renowned Gnesin Music Academy in Moscow and the Glinka State Conservatory in Nizhniy Novgorod. He was a student of Professor Alexander Frauchi, a leading Russian guitarist and tutor.

After absolving a postgraduate study in the Stuttgart Conservatory, he took a course in solo performing under the auspices of Ihsan Turnagoel. Master courses given by international capacities such as A. Gilardino, A.Pierri, L Brouwer und H.Cruz added to his qualifications. Countless concert tours take Lebedev throughout Europe and the Eastern States. He has also performed both on television and radio.

For some time Lebedev has been dedicating himself to popular LatinAmeican music. He has arranged several titles and composed his own pieces. He plays both a six string and a seven string guitar and also Tres Cubano, a string instrument, which is popular in Cuba.In 2007 he won the first prize in the Baden-Württemberg World Music Competition in Reutlingen.

Andrej Lebedev has performed with many famous musicians such as W.Tervo, J.Gomes, D.Messina,T.Rotter,O.Plascencia, Alex Papa. He is currently performing with Fauzia M.Beg (vocal), A.Renz (keyboard), Wieland Braunschweiger (Bass and Percussion), Martin Romero (percussion and vocals), Branko Arnsek (Kb), Tobias Bodensiek (Kb, BG) and Dorothee Götz (vocals).